Zorb Ball Racing


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Product Information:

The Zorb Ball acts as a human hamster ball. Riders will race 75ft to the end of the Zorb Ball track and then turn around and race back. The harder and faster the rider runs, the faster the ball will move.

weight limit- 200lbs per rider

Min height requirement- 48'' tall

Max Number Of Riders- 2

Weight Limit: 200 LBS

# of players: 2 (1 person per ball)

Electrical Requirements: (2) 110v 20 amp Circuit

MUST HAVE 2 ADULT OPERATORS! From sunshine party rental included in price 


Don’t have volunteers to operate?
We can provide operators at an additional $40 per hour

Outlets need to be within 50 feet of the setup location
Outlets need to be 20 amp and on separate circuits
If electrical requirements cannot be met, inquire about generator rentals


Reserve now! Book your equipment well in advance to ensure your event's success and avoid last-minute booking fees! Call us at 330-932-8822

local delivery included fee is $4 per mile after 10 miles 

 the rental base time is 6 hours no discounts for shorter time frames 

 delivery between 9 am-12 pm any earlier deliveries will have a $50 per hour charge before 9 am. 

 pick up times 5 pm-7 pm any later pickups will have a $50 per hour charge past 7 pm. 

Don’t have volunteers to operate?

We can provide operators with an additional fee.

Outlets must be within 50 feet of the setup location.

Outlets must be 20 amp and on separate circuits. 

If electric requirements cannot be met, inquire about our generator rentals.

Add at least 5 feet to all dimensions to figure out the space needed.


If set up indoors, please make sure the middle bar is removed from all double doors prior to our arrival (if applicable).

Have access gates, doors or entryways unlocked prior to our arrival.

  • Cannot be set up under utility lines or low-hanging tree branches; best if NOT set up under trees. 
  • Grass should be mowed at least 2 days prior, not the day of or the night before delivery or set up.
  • Shut off all sprinkler systems while you have your rental(s).
  • Mark any underground utilities, including sprinkler systems; call 811 for help locating underground utilities
  • Clean up any dog or animal droppings prior to our arrival.
  • We may refuse to set up or drop off if there is a mess.
  • No food, drink, or gum is permitted in or around the unit.
  • No Silly String, sand, or confetti in or around the unit.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times. No Shoes. No Flips. 
  • Do not overload the unit; follow all directions and warning signs.
  • Avoid cleaning fees by wiping down the unit prior to our retrieval.
  • The setup area should be mostly flat and at least 20 feet away from pools and bodies of water.
  • The unit must be shut down and covered up during heavy rains and winds that exceed 15 miles per hour.

 Gates, doorways, and the pathway leading to the setup location must be 42+ inches wide, 6 feet tall, clear of debris, and relatively flat.  

We cannot lift the unit over gas meters, drain pipes, or fences, and it cannot be transported up or down steep hills or more than 2 stars.  

The airspace above your setup location must be completely clear of branches, power lines, and any other obstacle less than 18 feet from the ground.  If your setup location does not meet these specifications, it will be physically impossible to set up this unit.

Add additional 5 feet to all dimensions of space needed


$600 for 6 hours $50 extra per hour over 4 hours 

2 adults needed to operate at all times

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

20'W x 75'L x 13'H

Space Needed:

20'W x 75'L x 13'H


  • Grass W/ Stakes
  • Grass w/o Stakes
  • Sandbag Kit For Concrete Set-up 8

    8 sandbags 

  • Sandbag kit for indoor set-up 4

    4 sandbags 

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